We Love Sales’ Professional Development Programme

Our We Love Sales philosophy is that each of our consultants has the potential to achieve professional success at his or her own pace.

We’ve created a learning environment that allows contractors to apply their passion and energies to gain key business skills. They receive full educations and daily individualised coaching. These contractors are fluent in the basics needed to create and launch outreach campaigns and fulfill assigned requirements for the business segments we serve. Eventually, those who excel achieve the goal of managing their own enterprises.


As business consultants, contractors work together to develop confidence in our direct marketing methods. They become talented professionals who know how to place the right people and craft potent messages to reach specific markets and acquire customers.

Working Together as a Community

We have a diverse group of individuals at We Love Sales. We harness unique talents and bring them together as they pursue both individual and collective growth.

Our opportunity-driven culture is based on a community of confident leaders. We engage in friendly competition, support each other, and celebrate our achievements together. There is something to learn in each experience. As contractors grow to the next level, they guide our incoming executives.

We Love Sales’ Leadership Development Opportunities

Brand Ambassador

We Love Sales contractors learn business basics such as customer acquisition techniques and service excellence.


People in leader roles learn to apply forward-thinking principles needed to create effective strategies and guide others.

Group Leader

Group leaders serve as coaches who motivate our incoming brand ambassadors.

Assistant Owner

Individuals who qualify for the assistant owner level are immersed in learning the essentials to operate a business, including budgets, hiring practices, and more.


To reach the ownership level, individuals must demonstrate that they have the expertise required to run profitable businesses with sustainable growth.

The demand for our customer acquisition expertise continues to grow. With this in mind, we seek ambitious individuals to join We Love Sales.

We’re committed to offering each contractor an opportunity to advance their professional journey. People who seek greater earning potential or are eager to become confident business leaders should apply today.

To learn more, please submit a CV and cover letter to opportunities@welovesales.org