Tips to Make Goals Stick

If there’s one lesson entrepreneurs learn within the community at We Love Sales, it’s you can never go wrong setting good goals. One of the strategies we’ve made available to these independent contractors is a chance to work one-on-one with coaches to establish personal and professional objectives on a weekly basis. This approach has yielded terrific results as these campaign leaders have a chance to get solid feedback from more seasoned experts while they progress their business ventures.

The We Love Sales culture is structured around common goals shared by these entrepreneurs. When you have people who are like-minded and ambitious exchanging ideas and perspectives, it becomes easier to hit specific targets. Add in our phenomenal learning resources and it’s an environment that truly nurtures success. Here are some more tips for making goals stick:

• Specific Vs. Vague: When you can measure something and see real progress, it’s much easier to keep building momentum. That’s why we focus on goals that are specific in nature and tangible. Deadlines and milestones help us keep track of where we want to be and how close we are to realising our objectives.

• Meaningful: Whatever we strive to achieve must be something that’s important enough to us to make it worth the time and effort. This means setting goals we truly want to achieve, for which we have the right motivation and passion.

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