Beyond Meet-and-Greets: How to Network Effectively

Among We Loves Sales’ many opportunities for professional development, we offer our people a chance to connect with influential business leaders. We continually emphasise the value of building a network. Part of this practice stems from knowing how and where to meet others. As such, we’ve identified some savvy ways to up our networking game. Here are three ways to build connections more effectively:

  • Network One-on-One: Business mixers and conferences might be the standard approach to building connections. However, as we’ve noted in our We Love Sales meetings, it’s acceptable to reach out and offer to meet another person over a beverage or meal. By doing so, we create an opportunity to converse free from the distractions of a more crowded event.
  • Get Preferred Methods of Communication: We stress during our We Love Sales learning sessions that when our people meet others, it’s important to confirm with each person how he or she prefers to be contacted in the future. This way we can tailour our communications and ensure that we reach our contacts.
  • Join a Mastermind Group: Some professional organisations are dedicated to bringing people together to discuss real business issues and challenges. Exchanging ideas leads to deeper connections.

We frequently network for our business and for those we serve. Check out our Newswire to see what else we’ve learned about how to meet others.