Focus Less on the Destination and Enjoy the Journey

When it comes to success, our We Love Sales belief is that it’s not the goal as much as the journey that matters. Let’s explore why this mind-set is beneficial to our personal growth.

We recognise the importance of attaining our specific objectives as part of living success-driven lives. In fact, we often measure ourselves as individuals based on the achievements we’ve earned. However, as we’ve discussed during our We Love Sales meetings, the greatest educational experience occurs as we work toward our goals. The pathways we follow to arrive at our destinations can be as fulfilling – if not more so – than arriving at our destination.

The reason to embrace our journeys as much as our accomplishments stems from the lessons we learn. As we work toward our goals, we’re continually pushing ourselves. Our personal and professional growth is strongest during this period. Through trial and error, we often discover new things about ourselves.

With We Love Sales’ learning environment, we encourage our people to embark on professional journeys with us. We foster a culture that allows them to work at their own pace. As such, everyone can absorb knowledge and focus on gaining confidence in their newfound abilities. This process ensures rich experiences.

Sometimes the best part of getting there is to enjoy the ride. Follow us on Twitter to gain more insights into our learning philosophy.