Three Practices to Know to Increase Success

Our We Love Sales gatherings are often opportunities to share lessons we’ve learned that can help us reach our objectives. Recently, we exchanged practices that high achievers have incorporated into their daily routines to further their success. Here are three we’ve been trying:

  • Schedule by Minutes We only have 24 hours in a day. However, this breaks down to 1440 minutes. As we discussed during a We Love Sales time-management session, when we consider our time based on minutes, we can plan more efficiently and make use of each moment. There’s a lot that can be accomplished when we view our tasks from a minute perspective rather than blocking straight hours of time.
  • Plan Ahead to Make Good Choices Easier One of the We Love Sales lessons we impart is to consider how we can make it easier to do the right thing. For example, if our objective is to eat healthier, we prepare our meals for the week on Sunday so that they’re readily accessible.
  • Set Times to Answer Emails Unless there is an emergent reason to check emails frequently, one time-saving practice we’ve learned is to set certain blocks of time during the day to review our inboxes and respond.

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