Using Public Speaking to Grow Your Career

Taking speaking opportunities can be an excellent way to grow and reach your professional goals. We’ve found professional growth from giving great presentations to the entire We Love Sales team to speaking at regional and international conferences. If you want to use public speaking to grow your career, consider using these tips:

• Find the Right Audience: Know who your ideal audience is and seek them out. If you’re looking to increase customers, for example, look for speaking opportunities where a large number of consumers will be in the audience. On the other hand, if you want to positon yourself as a thought leader, look for a chance to speak with others in your industry on a topic you’ve mastered.

• Study Successful Speakers: There are many individuals who have used speaking to grow their careers by giving great talks on very specific subjects. Identify people whose paths you would like to follow and see what types of talks and events they focus on. Implementing a similar strategy has helped We Love Sales business consultants fast-track their professional growth.

• Give the Right Talk: When you know your audience, you’ll have a good idea of what would be interesting to them, so direct your talk accordingly. Make sure you relate to them by solving a problem or giving them insight on something that will help them reach their own personal or professional goals.

Giving a speech makes you come across as an expert on a topic and, when done well, means you’ll have opportunities to speak at larger venues. You can leverage your presentations and eloquence to really reach for your professional goals.

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